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ESCRS 2023

Hall B | Booth 320

September 8 -12 | Vienna, Austria

Discover the latest innovations in vision solutions as we showcase cutting-edge products and advancements. Don’t miss this opportunity to connect with leading experts and experience live talks. Mark your calendars and meet us at ESCRS for a transformative vision experience!

MedTalk Express

September 8-11

anchoring device

Friday 8th, 15:45

Prof. Assia

Intensity IOL full portfolio results

Saturday 9th, 12:45

Prof. Alio

Clinical outcomes of the Hanita Intensity IOL: the lens for intellectual people

Dr. Noguchi - Visual function

Saturday 9th, 15:45

Dr. Noguchi

Clinical and basic outcome of Intensity

Dr. Bianchi | Intensity & Intensity Toric high performance

Sunday 10th, 12:45

Dr. Bianchi

My experience with over 100 Intensity & Intensity Toric IOL's

Sunday 10th, 15:45

Prof. Knyazer

My Clinical Experience with Intensity SL and Intensity SL Toric Multifocal IOLs

Monday 11th, 12:45

MD. Phd. Ruth Lapid

Comparison of Intensity IOL with trifocal optics

Monday 11th, 15:45

Michal Snir and Alex Maliarov

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