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Advantages of a New Toric Pentafocal Intraocular Lens for Presbyopia Correction

The Intensity Toric IOL Helps Patients With Astigmatism Achieve Spectacle Independence After Cataract Surgery.

By Germán R. Bianchi, Md

Today, astigmatism correction at the time of cataract surgery, especially for patients who have 1.00 D or more of cylinder, in my opinion, is almost mandatory. 

This is because patient expectations for spectacle independence are higher than ever before, and the presence of astigmatism can negatively affect visual performance.1,2 A variety of toric multifocal IOLs are available to compensate for both spherical and cylindrical errors.2,3 These lenses should be considered for patients with as little as 0.50 D of astigmatism to increase their potential for excellent vision at all distances.

Intensity Advantages

A new generation of presbyopia correcting IOL with maximum light intensity utilization for clear vision throughout the whole range of functional vision

Dynamic Light Utilization Technology based on Hanita Lenses proprietary algorithm

Smooth & symmetrical 5 foci distribution and 12 steps in different heights

Pupil aperture optimization

Intensifyed Vision

Defocus Curve

Dynamic Light Utilization (DLU) Intensity’s proprietary iterative algorithm works on a concept of multiple loops between target plane and source plane in order to maximize light intensity utilization. It proposes phase solutions at the source plane in order to get the desired target intensity and results.

Defocus Curve - Intensity


Visual Acuity

Patients reported that with Intensity, they no longer need spectacles for near, intermediate, or distance vision. In our initial study, the average visual acuity was above 0.05 (6/6.7) from infinity to 40cm. Halos and glare were not reported

Intensifyed Vision

Pupil Aperture Optimization

The lens profile consists of three zones, each of which is optimized by the Dynamic Light Utilization algorithm. Multiple areas allow for better performance, diverse pupil sizes and all lighting conditions. The special division of zones, derived from the Dynamic Light Utilization Algorithm, helps to obtain higher MTF values at far vision for large pupils.

Pupil Aperture Optimization
Dr Bianchi - Intensity

Read about Dr. Bianchi's success with astihmatism correction in cataract patients

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