Hanita Visco 1.8


  • The zero shear rate viscosity is responsible for the maintenance of space in the anterior chamber and allows for manipulation of tissues during the operation without escaping through the incision.
  • The surgical shear rate viscosity determines the resistance to the instruments and implant during intraocular procedures. It has to provide free movement for the instruments and an easy entry for the implant into the inflated capsular bag.
  • The injection shear rate viscosity determines the resistance when expressing HanitaVisco trough a cannula.

HanitaVisco is an Ophthalmic Viscosurgical Device ( OVD ) Substance Sodium Hyaluronate from biofermentation, eliminating the need for materials of animal origin. HanitaVisco is  CE marked.

The viscosity and elasticity range of HanitaVisco have been selected to provide the highest possible zero share viscosity, while allowing unrestricted manipulation during surgery and still enabling the use of a thin, 27 gauge cannula for expression. These parameters have been fine tuned using small changes, based on feedback from our specialists and customers worldwide.


1.6 - 1.9 mg /01 Sodium Hyaluronate
6.8 - 7.6
200 - 400 mOsM
30,000 - 60,000 cps

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