A new generation of presbyopia correcting IOL with maximum light intensity utilization for clear vision throughout the whole range of functional vision

Dynamic Light Utilization Technology based on Hanita Lenses proprietary algorithm

Smooth & symmetrical 5 foci distribution and 12 steps in different heights

Pupil aperture optimization


Pupil Aperture Optimization

Dynamic Light Utilization (DLU) Intensity’s proprietary iterative algorithm works on a concept of multiple loops between target plane and source plane in order to maximize light intensity utilization. It proposes phase solutions at the source plane in order to get the desired target intensity and results.

Intensity lens employs Dynamic Light Utilization technology for maximal light efficiency that transcends the traditional boundaries of conservative diffractive IOL patterns, bringing unprecedented vivid vision to cataract patients.

A revolution in ophthalmic optics, Intensity IOL – as its name suggests – enables intensified vision with far, intermediate and near visual acuity with no compromise at any distance from infinity to 40 cm. Intensity increases quality of life for cataract patients enabling them to perform the full range of day to day activities.

Surgeons’ Gratification

Power range - Intensity SL and Intensity BN
10 to 30D (0.5D increments)
Power range - Intensity Toric
10 to 30D (0.5D increments)
Cylinder range:
Powers 10 -20.0: 1, 1.5, 2.25, 3.0
Powers 20.5-30.0: 1, 1.5, 2.25, 3.0, 3.75, 4.5
Addition powers
+1.5, +3
Optic design
Aspheric Multifocal Diffractive - DLU Technology
Hydrophilic acrylic with bonded UV absorber and violet light filter
Refractive index
1.46 (hydrated @ 35°c)
A - Constant Intensity SL and Intensity BN
A - Constant Intensity Toric
Recommended delivery system
AccuJect 1.8 for Preloaded IOL (BunnyLens, Plate Haptic)
SoftJect 1.8 for non Preloaded IOL


Accurate Polish-Free Production Process

The Intensity lens is manufactured using a proprietary lathe process designed to enable maximum accuracy of both the lens profile and its diffractive rings.

Through this lathe process, the lens reaches optimal sharpness and is an identical replica of the profile design for maximal contrast sensitivity.

Sharpest Square Edge

The proprietary manufacturing technology enables to achieve exceptionally sharp 360° square edge, proven to be effective against PCO along with a wide-angle contact with the capsular bag.




The lens has a special profile that enables the creation of continuous, uninterrupted vision throughout the entire vision range.

The profile is built of smooth shapes with a total of 12 steps with a central ring in 1mm diameter. Step heights vary along the lens radius with a maximum step height 3.6 microns.



Intensity was designed with a symmetric foci distribution around zero order.

Based on a unique proprietary design developed using the Dynamic Light Utilization algorithm, the modulated transfer function (MTF) is increased in the area between far-intermediate and intermediate to near, enabling a continuous defocus curve.

Symmetric foci distribution


The lens profile is highly energy efficient with 46% less energy lost in comparison to competing lenses, potentially decreasing visual disturbances and intensifying vision in patients’ daily life.

Intensified Vision


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