Hanita Lenses’ 2022 Business Goals Achieved!

Dear Partners,

I am proud to report that the majority of Hanita Lenses’ 2022 business goals were met! 

Our on-going efforts to expand our Premium segment via clinical studies, symposiums, local events, as well as national and international congresses, have paid off.  Our global revenues increased by 24% overall, with Premium accounting for 55% of it. In the Premium segment alone, we achieved an impressive increase of more than 80% compared to 2021 sales in this category. 

Nevertheless, like many other industries, Hanita Lenses suffered from global supply chain challenges, and the rise in energy costs. Significant delays in deliveries, as well as price increases by all our major suppliers ensued.  However, we managed to successfully overcome this by increasing our stocks, and working diligently to improve internal efficiency to avoid detrimental impact and maintain service level.  We sincerely hope there were little to no interruptions in your business.

After successfully overcoming these challenges and delivering upon our promise in 2022, we have even greater expectations for 2023!  Our ongoing development efforts will support the launch of Intensity, Intensity Toric and Extend (EDOF) technologies in Hydrophobic material, in a new, efficient delivery system. To establish a stronger clinical base, we are expanding studies in many leading markets. Additionally, we will continue to advance other unique patent protected devices, expected to launch in 2024. Our global marketing efforts are also expanding, as we further increase our digital communication and advanced tools for both partners and end users.  High quality and efficient manufacturing processes will continue to be key to our success.  Furthermore, as part of our M&A strategy, we are now looking to establish a direct presence in several key markets in Europe, Asia, and NA. 

Finally, to support our extensive growth program, we are heavily recruiting relevant talents both locally and internationally. 

In summary, 2022 was a great year and 2023 is going to be even better! As I have always said, the quality of our TEAM continues to be the core of our success story!


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