A New Era for Hanita Lenses’ HR

By Efrat Ben Amram Hanin, HRVP

Similar to any other organization, Hanita Lenses’ goal, has always been to manage the company as efficiently as possible, while keeping costs low and profitability high. Keeping this primary goal in mind, the assumption that Hanita Lenses’ employees are its most valuable asset and the heart of the business, with the power to influence the company’s growth and success, has guided Hanita’s management throughout its 40 years of operation.

This mindset was manifested by creating a comfortable work environment, managing social benefits, designing compensation strategies, providing top-level professional training and motivating the team to reach a level of excellence. Consequently, Hanita Lenses has traditionally benefited from a low attrition rate.

The last few years have changed Hanita Lenses’ HR challenges dramatically. The catalyst was the onset of the pandemic and the rapid adjustments needed to be implemented in order to ensure the safety of the employees and the sustainability of the business. This was compounded by fast global and domestic growth when we launched our premium ‘Intensity’ IOL and it continues until today, while the company conducts global mergers and acquisitions.

As a result, as we enter 2023, our HR’s focus is on the following:

  1. Hiring Top Talent

Our top priority today is to locate high-quality employees who are capable of meeting the global production needs and ever-increasing demands across all departments, worldwide. This complex task requires more effective strategies of locating and evaluating talent.

We found that the employee referral method is most effective. and improves the scope of the employees’ engagement.

  1. Reskilling & Upskilling

Rapid upskilling and reskilling is vital as we grow. The number of skills required for any job is increasing. Consequently, one of HR’s tasks is to identify skills and gaps and to help employees develop the capabilities needed for current and future roles. Upskilling, i.e., improving current employees’ skill sets to assume different roles, enables us to meet the ever-evolving needs while also keeping current employees engaged.

  1. Employee Engagement

The focus on employee experience has shifted toward engagement, which measures how they feel about their organization. A highly engaged employee tends to stay longer at the organization, has an impact on the team and contributes to its business’ success. To achieve these goals, our efforts span across multiple aspects of the daily routine. From onboarding, through ramping-up while exposing Hanita Lenses’ “family-like” culture to a career development path and handholding through the retirement process.

While keeping business objectives as our primary concern, Hanita Lenses’ HR’s mission is to focus on each employee’s personal journey, making it a meaningful experience, providing a greater sense of purpose and ultimately harnessing the employee to our vision, influencing and improving quality of life for millions of people.


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