Maintaining Hanita Lenses top quality in 2022 | Eyal Ram VP operations

Hanita Lenses started 2022 operating at full steam. Our sales performance was higher than expected and required us to adapt to the increased demand for our lenses. The strong performance in Q2 presented several challenges for our operations team:

  • Maintaining high service level to our customers
  • Supporting R&D projects in a timely manner
  • Improving efficiency and reducing production costs

As a result of complications in the global supply chain, the industry is contending with major challenges in the availability of material. Our procurement and planning teams are working diligently to ensure on-going delivery to our customers while obtaining short lead-time from suppliers. To meet the growing demand for our lenses, we are investing in advanced production and testing technology to increase our production capacity. 

As always, we continue to invest in our most valuable asset, our employees, and are always looking for new talent to join our operation teams. Our Production and Engineering teams are continuously working to reduce production costs while relentlessly maintaining the highest level of quality.

Another challenge this year was replacing our ERP system with an advanced system that will support the company’s growth and contend with future challenges.

In the face of the obstacles on hand, we at Hanita Lenses are more than ready to support all our partners, customers, and patients. Everyone deserves to see the world’s beauty and we will make sure that they do.


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