Mono EDOF – a new player in Hanita Lenses portfolio With excellent distance vision while improving intermediate vision

Nowadays in cataract surgery, the most frequently implanted intraocular lenses (IOLs) are still the ones with a monofocal design. These are chosen for their relatively low cost, excellent outcome for distance vision, and the low incidence of photic phenomena, such as halos and glare.

Nevertheless, with new media and requirements in professional life, there is an increasing need for optimization of the intermediate range of vision. This need has fostered an interest in IOLs that may also reduce spectacle dependence for intermediate distances without significant unwanted side effects. This has led to the development of a new group of IOLs that can provide an extended depth of focus (EDOF) with far-dominant performance, called ‘mono-EDOF’ IOLs.

What is an EDOF IOL?

A relatively new technology that has recently emerged in the treatment of Presbyopia-correcting IOLs, EDOF lenses create an elongated focal point to extend the “range of vision” or “depth of focus”


  • Better intermediate vision than monofocal IOL’s
  • Smaller haloes and glare than multifocal IOLs

Hanita Lenses is just about to launch its new Mono EDOF solution “Extend HP” to complete the EDOF portfolio. Extend HP has refractive aspheric optical design, providing excellent distance vision that is similar to monofocal IOLs while improving intermediate vision to ease intermediate tasks. Extend will be available in both C-loop and four loop shaped platform with Hydrophobic raw material. The lens will be available with both preloaded and non-preloaded versions.

EXTEND HP is right around the corner… Coming Soon



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